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Monthly retained HR support for SMEs

Monthly retained HR support for SMEs

If your business doesn’t have a dedicated HR lead - or your small team needs a helping hand - this cost-effective service is perfect for you.

When you sign up to a monthly retainer, you can choose between receiving HR help on a set number of days per month, or opt for unlimited HR telephone advice between 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday.

As part of this service we will also review your company handbook and ensure you are always up-to-date on important employment law changes.

The HR Practice also provides retained HR consultancy services. So if you need help with an HR strategy, or want to review your legal compliance, we can help with that too.

Additionally we can conduct exit interviews for you to provide invaluable insight into why employees are leaving. This will help you to retain more staff in the future. This service is available on a retained or one-off basis.

Merger & Acquisition

Acquiring or merging with another company is a huge moment in any business's history.

But managing the merger or acquisition of a business is a niche skill and, without specialist training, your team may struggle to meet its unique demands.

The HR Practice has extensive experience in managing global and local mergers and acquisitions and can work with your team - supporting them through the process - or deliver the entire process for you.

We’ll take care of everything from pre-deal due diligence to post-acquisition integration.

At the due diligence stage, we’ll ensure you’re going into the deal with full awareness of any potential people issues.

During the post-acquisition integration, we’ll make sure policies and procedures, pay dates, performance reviews, talent programmes, compensation and benefits, culture and values are all aligned.

We also offer exit readiness support, ensuring the business is right sized from a people perspective prior to a business sale.

Merger & Acquisition


Our team of specialist TUPE advisors has a wealth of experience in expertly managing the smooth transfer of undertakings (TUPE) process.

We begin by meeting with both sides to understand each individual business set-up - such as employment terms and conditions, compensations and benefits, and pay dates - before agreeing what, if any, changes need to be made.

Next, we oversee the TUPE inform and consult process. During this time, we appoint employee representatives and share any proposed measures with affected staff members. 

As experts in this field, we understand how much you care about your people and guarantee we’ll handle the entire process with the utmost sensitivity and care.

When you work with the HR Practice, you can trust us to take away the fear and anxiety you may feel at a difficult time. Instead you can be confident that your legal obligations will be met and everything will run to plan.

Compensation & benefits

Attracting and keeping the best talent is what sets your business apart from your competitors. So it’s vital you have an outstanding compensation and benefit package to match.

The first step towards achieving this goal is to conduct a comprehensive audit of your existing offer.

If you don’t have an in-house HR lead, or your team is too busy or too inexperienced to complete the project, we can help.

We’ll look at how you rate against the rest of the market and provide you with salary benchmarking and job evaluation insight for grading purposes.

We can liaise with brokers to ensure you have cost-effective solutions and make recommendations to improve your pay and benefit packages.

We also offer flexible benefits and work with trusted partners to deliver a fully flexible benefits platform.

Our team is experienced in job architecture using the leading methodologies of Korn Ferry Hay Group, Croner and more.

Compensation & benefits
Organisational restructures

Organisational restructures

Need to make changes in your business to deliver growth?

Whether you’re an SME in a period of growth or a larger business that needs to review its current structure, we’re here to help.

We’ll start by understanding your need for change and your long-term business objectives. We’ll review your existing talent framework if you have one, identify gaps, create job descriptions and look at whether you need to hire new talent.

Additionally, we’ll advise you on the need for redundancies or settlement agreement exits and outline what needs to happen next.

These projects can be highly emotive for management teams and we bring objectivity and support during the more challenging aspects of the process.

We can help you find new talent and provide coaching and advice on the more difficult conversations.

Having the right structure in place is essential for future success. This is a crucial job that you can’t afford to keep putting off.

Redundancy / Downsizing

Making staff redundant is a difficult decision for any company and can be a stressful time for all involved.

At The HR Practice, we have years of experience in expertly and sensitively handling all aspects of redundancy and downsizing.

We will work with you to understand why redundancies are necessary and discuss alternative options.

We can support the development of a business case, outline the consultation process and manage the entire process on your behalf.

Although essential, we know making staff redundant is a difficult thing for  any business to do. Emotions can be high and you may be worried that you or your team don’t have the experience to deal with the process confidently.

When you work with our highly qualified team, we will alleviate the overwhelm and stress you are facing and enable the business to reduce its costs in a safe and compliant way.

Redundancy / Downsizing
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