How Businesses Can Benefit From A HR Consultant

How Businesses Can Benefit From A HR Consultant

 HR affects businesses of all shapes and sizes, and it’s a critical part of running an organisation effectively.  It could be that you are a start-up, or a SME that isn’t quite at the stage where you are ready to employ an internal HR team - or it could be that you are a fairly large business that requires some tailored, expert advice.  

Wherever you fall within that spectrum, an expert HR consultant could be exactly what you need to drive your business in the right direction.  

What is A HR Consultant?

A HR consultant is a 3rd party expert who can provide you with specialist advice services that can improve the efficiency of the HR practices within your business.  A HR consultant is often required to gain an external, objective view.

It could be that they are brought in to address a specific issue within the business, however it is important to remember that they provide a wide range of services which could be hugely beneficial to the running of your company.  They can offer consultancy on issues including but not limited to the below:

  • Defining people strategies where they will look at productivity, training and development, employee retention and succession planning
  • Implementing processes and procedures for better workplace efficiency
  • Creating reward and benefit schemes as part of an overall employee attraction and retention program
  • Dealing with any level of transformational change including talent and success planning
  • The creation of health and wellbeing policies
  • Developing the culture and values of the organisation, and supporting the business on an ongoing basis from a people management perspective

How Does HR Consultancy Work?

HR consultants won’t be internal to your business, they are a 3rd party acting on your behalf.  

From our perspective, we start the process with a HR Audit to understand what is in place and what the gap is, we then provide a report with the gap and the priorities to bring the business up to date with legislation. We then start to create HR processes in areas such as absence management trigger points to ensure absence can be managed as a working example.  

Why Use A HR Consultancy Firm?

The biggest thing a HR consultant will bring to the table is a wealth of experience and insight that will protect your business, and ensure you are compliant with legislation. It can also be cost-effective in many ways.  Firstly, in the sense that you are not employing a full-time member of staff, and you are paying on a fractional retainer basis - so only for the time you need effectively.  

However, it can also save your business money in other ways.  By having appropriate retention policies in place for example, it can reduce turnover and costs associated with that.  The same in terms of health and wellbeing, the fewer absences there are in your business, the more money you will save on that.  

Our Retainer Service

At The HR Practice, we are flexible when it comes to our retainer service.  Whether it’s a half day a month, or a more dedicated service.  We can work to your business requirements.

We also offer an advice line service, which allows you to get HR support for your business on an ad-hoc basis. Get in touch, if you’d like any further information.  

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