Building a High-Performance Workforce: The Role of a HR Consultant

Building a High-Performance Workforce: The Role of a HR Consultant

Having a high-performing team is key to building a successful business. As a business owner, you’re going to want the best team you can get behind you. While it’s possible to build a team yourself, often a more effective approach is to enlist the services of a HR consultant. They will work with you to devise a team-building strategy that can help you attract, retain, and effectively manage a high-performance workforce. Let’s take a closer look at the role a HR consultant plays. 

Talent Acquisition and Onboarding 

It’s only natural that business owners will want the best and brightest employees, but securing these candidates is easier said than done. A HR consultant can play an important role in the process of acquiring the skills you need in your team members.

A HR consultant can work closely with you and pinpoint talent gaps in your business and work with you to identify how you can bridge those gaps whether that is developing existing talent or looking at the market to buy in new talent with the required skills.

Diversify Skills

As part of this process, you can look into developing a broader range of skills in your existing team. This comes with a lot of perks. According to LinkedIn, internal hiring at UK companies has jumped by 20% since the COVID lockdowns – and it’s easy to see why. One benefit is the idea of bypassing the onboarding process entirely and instead nurturing the relationship between you and your team, saving you an extra salary.

Additionally, you will aid employee retention by offering your current staff members ways to grow in their position. They can gain skills which they can then take on into other roles in the company.

A HR consultant will be able to provide you with the resources necessary to get started on developing your employees’ skills, as well as identifying staff member that would make good candidates for specific skills or positions within the company.

Performance Management

Identifying and onboarding talented employees is one thing, managing them on an ongoing basis as part of a high-performance workforce is another. 

Thankfully, this is another benefit of working with a HR consultant. It’s important that your employees are managed in the correct way to ensure they are always performing well and that they are happy and motivated in the workplace. 

A HR consultant can work to establish goals and targets, both on an individual employee basis and in a wider business sense. This can help keep your employees motivated and ambitious, giving them clearly defined objectives that they can work towards and measure their progress against. 

Having a high-performance workforce also means you must have opportunities for your employees to progress and develop. A HR consultant can help you identify opportunities for development and build career progression pathways which can be used to maximise employee potential and promote the best candidates into more senior roles. 

Leadership and Employee Engagement

It goes without saying that a team needs a leader, however, being a leader takes more than a little charisma. A good leader needs to keep their employees engaged and motivated and when you hear figures like 48% of employees saying they feel 5 or less in motivation out of 10, according to Eden Springs, it becomes clear that this is easier said than done.

So, what will keep a team motivated? Well, part of it is salary, but good percentages of workforce have suggested things like positive recognition, feeling purpose in their role and simply an understanding of the goal of the business.

A HR consultant can help you build a high-performance workforce with a leader that can keep the team motivated. They can advise on effective communication, regular evaluation, and feedback.  


Building a high-performance workforce is difficult, but with the help of a HR consultant, you’ll be able to do so successfully and take your business to the next level. A HR consultant can offer support and guidance across a number of key areas, including diversifying skills, talent acquisition, and performance management. This will ensure you can build a high-performance workforce without having to divert time and resources away from other areas of your business.

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