Flexible Working for Dads and Why That Matters

Flexible Working for Dads and Why That Matters

The rights of fathers in the workplace is already a concept that isn’t spoken about as widely as it should be. For example, whilst fathers have access to paternity leave, it’s usually paid at £172.48 per week or 90% of your weekly salary - whichever is lower. Another issue that needs to be discussed in the modern workplace is flexible working for dads. The idea is often looked more favourably upon for parents in general rather than any employee, but even within that barrier for entry fathers aren’t always given the same courtesy that mothers are when it comes to flexible working. This could be due to the employee or the manager not knowing that flexible working for dads an option or the manager not being willing to consider it. But there are a lot of benefits to offering flexible working for dads that ultimately go unnoticed.

In this article, we’re talking about why that is, why it needs to change, and what you, as a father, can do about it. 

It matters because it creates a less stressed staff member

According to a recent HSE Labour Force survey, 1,780 cases looked at over a 12-month period saw staff members reporting mental health issues like depression, stress, anxiety, and burnout. With a flexible working schedule, staff of all backgrounds can better balance their work and home life, without factors like commuting, scheduling around work, toxic work environments, and other external circumstances getting in the way of their productivity.

And this is mutually beneficial to the child, both parents and the employer. With flexible working for dads, the employer gets a staff member that isn’t interrupted by problems, isn’t worrying about things other than work while on the clock, isn’t stressed that there isn’t someone else there, and will therefore be more productive when working. 

It matters because most fathers are not aware of their rights

The UK laws are clear on the rights of the father in the workplace, and flexible working comes into that. Fathers have the right to ask and employers have to be clear on what they must be willing to consider when it comes to flexible working.

According to Work, Employment and Society from the British Sociological Association, 30% of fathers aren’t aware they have the right to ask for flexible working for dads and 81% are not aware they are eligible for a job share.  

Fathers, mothers, guardians, and any other employees all have the legal right to request flexible working. According to the UK Gov website, employers must “deal with requests in a reasonable manner”, which includes holding a meeting to discuss it with the employee wherein they will weigh up the advantages and disadvantages and the need to offer an appeal process. 

It matters because it creates a less stressful work environment

There are plenty of advantages to the employer and the employee in offering a flexible working schedule, and flexible working for dads is no exception. For parents specifically, it allows for a greater work-life balance in a world where school runs and childcare don’t line up with a 9-5 schedule. However, more generally, employees see a better life balance and working conditions.  

Offering flexible working for dads and other employees will help improve employee engagement, increase productivity and ultimately retain the best talent.


Flexible working for dads is a concept that aids everyone, whether you’re a father, a mother, a child or an employer. Offering flexible working for dads not only rebalances home and work lives but creates a less stressed and moree productive employee.

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