Team Building Activities to Re-energise the Workforce

Team Building Activities to Re-energise the Workforce

Owning a business isn’t just about focusing on sales, profits and revenue. You also need to consider the happiness and satisfaction of your employees. Sometimes, you might have to organise team building activities to boost engagement and keep up morale. 

If you feel like your business could use a spark, team building activities can be the perfect way to re-energise your workforce and get your team excited and motivated. We’ve listed some effective team building activities that you can organise in the guide below. 

The Benefits of Team Building Activities

If you want your business to be a success, having a workforce of employees who can collaborate and cooperate effectively and work towards a common goal is vital. The better your employees get to know one another, the better they’ll be able to work together. 

Team building activities can help your employees develop deeper and more meaningful professional relationships with one another. They’ll learn how to navigate new situations and overcome obstacles, using critical thinking and problem solving to achieve established targets and objectives. 

These skills are fully transferrable into the workplace and will prove vital when motivating your employees to reach new business objectives. 

If you want to help a new team gel or re-energise a stagnating workforce, we’ve listed a couple of ideas for activities that can help. 

A Quiz

A quiz is an excellent team building activity. This introduces an element of competitiveness that will motivate and spur participants on. You can offer prizes for specific finishing places, and even a joke prize for the last-placed team for a bit of humour. 

Break down the group into smaller teams, ideally made up of employees who don’t know each other or work together regularly. This can help your workforce gel as a whole and can prevent cliques from forming. 

Here’s a bonus tip: make the questions for the quiz related to your business. This can help you evaluate how much your employees know and can identify any potential knowledge gaps that need to be addressed. 

Egg Drop 

Egg drop is a classic team building activity that will help your employees develop collaborative, problem solving and even presentation skills. 

The premise of Egg Drop is simple. Divide your employees into at least two teams. Each of these teams will be tasked with preventing an egg from cracking after a drop from head height, using only a handful of paper straws and some Sellotape. 

Set a time limit, after which each team must present their creation and explain the reasoning behind their design and why they think it will work. Each team will then test their creation to see if it can prevent the egg from cracking, with the winning team or teams awarded with a prize. 


Teamwork is integral to any successful business. Team building activities can be a fun way to break up the working day, ensuring your employees don’t feel burned out or demotivated, and they can help employees develop more effective collaboration, communication and interpersonal skills. 

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